Test 3

A man is walking with his son somewhere in the south of England. Suddenly he hears “Daddy, catch me!” He turns around and sees his son sailing through the air. He had jumped off a big rock, and as he was jumping he said “Daddy, catch me!” Just in time the father stretched out his arms. Together they hit the ground.

After he had caught his breath again, the father asked: “Why did you do that?” “Because you’re my father!” I think that man has never been so frightened. And I think he has never been so proud.

The parent-child relationship is important

The relationship between a parent and a child is something unique. A parent’s love for a child is something that can’t be compared to anything else. And there is nothing in your life that is so important for a stable basis as the love of your parents. Our most precious memories often include moments with our parents or with our children.

But for many, there are also feelings of pain. Pain because you did not receive the love you needed so much. Pain because you know you have failed. Pain because something went wrong, broke down, and you don’t even know exactly what or how.

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